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Jeff Garzik Is Launching A Cross Chain ICO Called Metronome

Jeff Garzik has been something of a controversial figure in the Blockchain and Bitcoin space over the last twelve months. He was one of the first Bitcoin developers to take on an active paid role at a blockchain startup and he's since become an active proponent


Coinbase Just Reported Its Naming Intentions Post-Fork

The ongoing situation surrounding Bitcoin and the Segwit2x Fork is a hot topic in the space right now, with a large degree of uncertainty affecting sentiment in the sector. The bitcoin price has generally been a bellwether for the sector as a whole and, as


Dutch Family Goes All In on Bitcoin: Sells Business and Property to Invest

Didi Taihuttu and his family in the Netherlands have sold nearly all of their possessions including their businesses, properties, and assets to invest in Bitcoin. For decades, Taihuttu has dedicated the majority of his career in Information Technology (IT) development,


Executives at Major Russian Bank: Russia’s Interest in Bitcoin is Overblown

Riccardo Orcel, the head of Russian bank VTB International, believes the Russian government’s interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are overestimated by the media. Throughout October, Russia was said to have planned regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies, provide an efficient ecosystem for Bitcoin


Tezos Takes A Hit As Founders Battle Over Fund Control

​Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have been one of the most talked about, and potentially most controversial, aspects of the cryptocurrency world during 2017 to-date. The potential for fraud has long been touted as a major risk factor associated with these risks in place, many individuals have been quick to allocate capital


Peter Tchir and the Giffen Good

As we kick off a fresh week in the Bitcoin space, price is hovering just hit the mark of $6000 and it's looking like this major milestone is only a matter of hours away, as opposed to days. Virtual currency is getting more coverage than ever before and and the impact that cryptocurrency and the Blockchain could have on a whole host of different

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